Monday, February 8, 2010


uhb or urban haute bourgeoisie was the term coined in the 1990 film, metropolitan to describe a "new" social class. this film was a typical stillman film where the young wealthy upper class characters sit around discussing (in their rather uptight ivy league wardrobes) their plight in life of being coined "preppy". to solve the problem of what to call their class, they come up with the term "urban haute bourgeoisie".

and while this term and film did make me chuckle, i would consider urban haute bourgeoisie something more like this, the line from haute bourgeoisie.

wouldn't you rather sit around in this combination of sexy victorian corset and blouse while eating macarons and sipping champagne with the girls?

or wearing the feather hat and classic white dress to a performance at the phoenix opera house in venice.

or this perfect abstract blouse to wear to your struggling artist boyfriend's opening in chelsea.

what makes you think of haute bourgeoisie?

images courtesy of rdujour

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