Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i'm watching...

i've been re-watching the old truffaut films, particularly the antoine doinel series. jean-pierre leaud was so amazing as a 12 year old actor in the "400 blows" that they continued following his life. if you haven't seen these films, i highly recommend them, and be sure to watch them all. these are the two i've seen this week.

400 blows/antoine et collette

stolen kisses


they are so not practical for my life as i am on my feet all day, but aren't they just perfect for me? oh what i would do for just one pair...sigh.





really love


xoxo louboutin

i still want to see...

it's not getting very good reviews right now but i still do want to see nine. it has an amazing cast (however, i'm questioning the casting of fergie), and the sets look really dark and beautiful. and i loved 8 1/2 so i'm curious to see how it could be remade. what do you think? are you going to see it?

i love this shot.

i never got this issue of vogue but what a great cover.

i'll let you know what i think.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

be my valentino

i can't wait to go see "valentino the last emperor". i've heard really great things about it. it just needs to hurry and get to portland!

i see a pattern...

err, i mean stripes! a little obsessed am i?

lou's off the shoulder look.

pete yorn rocks the stripes. yes, i even love them on men.

the scarlett tunic. i found one like this at american apparel.

audrey as coco.

and the original coco.

this one i found at ann taylor

not sure how i would feel about all my friends wearing them though.

rose mcgowan, great haircut, great shirt, cute baby.

i love striped shirts so much i could seriously wear them everyday.

mmm cupcakes

i don't know why but all day today i've been thinking about cupcakes. perhaps it's time for another cupcake baking party. here are a few to get me motivated.

look at these gorgeous things! this is my favorite photos. oh what i would do for one of these.
(photo from bakerella)

so pretty.
(photo from the bachelorette pad)

red velvets are my most favorite ever. what's your favorite flavor?
(photo from woman's day)

simple and cute.
(photo from juicy)

such great cupcake liners.
(photo from kenzie kate)

are you hungry yet?

Monday, December 28, 2009

i'm reading...

the glass castle by jeannette walls

we began reading this book outloud in the car while we were on our recent roadtrip in the southwest. eerily, much of this story mirrored the places we were driving through or heading to as well as many of my own life experiences growing up in the southwest with somewhat non-traditional, eccentric parents. and while the heroine's experiences were a little more outlandish than my own, it made me laugh and appreciate all of the things i learned in also made me realize that my life wasn't so bad after all!

i highly recommend this book for it's humor and insight. it is a very quick read and one that you will find hard to put down.

tonight i'm watching...

coco before chanel

have you seen this yet? i'm so excited to see one of my favorite icons played by one of my favorite actresses!

kelly kelly

as an interior designer, one of my design influences is the oh-so-fabulous kelly wearstler. and while her designs are a little funky for my taste, she inspires me to push the envelope in my own work. not to mention the fact that she has created her own little business empire with her eccentric taste, and i think that is great in the beige and taupe world we live in. she has written several books, designed amazing hotels, created a product line for bergdorf goodman and guest hosts on top design. oh i wish i had that amount of energy!

here are a few great shots of kelly in her element.

red walls. enough said!

these arches are amazing and this is the exact color palette i wish i could live in.

lorenzo did a beautiful painting for me for christmas and i would like to incorporate it into my house somehow. i love this look and i'll get some shots up of how it turns out.

look at this amazing wallpaper in the style of famous japanese artist hokusai.

i love the basic elements of this room--the wallpaper, the grey walls, the little white lanterns and the white sofa and pillow. however, i'm not a fan of the fans!

who are some of your design influences? is there someone that you aspire to be in your professional career? it is new years so let's get these resolutions started.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

tres mignonne

yes, she probably will forever be remembered as amelie, but what is so bad about that? i think audrey tautou is just so cute and i just can't get enough of her. i always look forward to her next project. she is one of the french beauties who continues to inspire me in fashion. don't you just love her!

Friday, December 25, 2009

i'm watching...

my favorite holiday movie.

i'm relaxing around the house this morning and then we head over to lorenzo's mom's house for dinner. i'm looking forward to all of the kiddies opening their gifts!

merry christmas
feliz navidad
buon natale
joyeux noel

i hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

holiday dressing

today on rdujour, i came across these beautiful designs by annie havlicek. i would take any of these pieces for christmas but i particularly love this white coat with the military detail.

i love this photograph with the holiday windows.

a perfect little black dress

and i think this would be a cute look for new year's eve.

and this haircut. i would die for this hair!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

dreaming of a paris christmas

today i'm working in the store and wrapping up my final christmas preparations. but in my mind, i'm in paris.

happy holidays from portland which is where i love to be if not in paris!

image courtesy of emilie wood

image courtesy of superstock

image courtesy of popoki photo

Monday, December 21, 2009

and then i'm watching...

the brothers bloom

isn't this picture just perfect? have you seen this one yet? i just love adrian brody and mark ruffalo. i saw adrian riding his bike in new york and he's as cute in person as he is in his films. it was very surreal and i thought, "wait, what movie is this?" but it was real, super cool!

i'm listening to...

joanna newsom

i love her and her originality..and she's too cute!

chanel looks good to me

have you had a chance to see chanel's spring line? i'm loving the whole "babes in the woods" theme.

i really do like lily allen's music, i'm just not sure about her as the face of chanel right now. what do you think?

i love this floral crochet ensemble and the red mary janes with the big flowers are to die for.

and the houndstooth dress with the big chunky clogs would look great at work. i'm so glad clogs are making a comeback...again.

and while i could never pull this look off, i absolutely adore these reds clogs with the daisy.

and this is one of my favorite looks. it's so victorian chic and i've seen it this year done by ruffian at a much more affordable pricepoint. and those black suede clogs are amazing.

and here, i'm all about these cris-cross tights.

what do you think of the collection? have you come across anything for spring that you are looking forward to?