Thursday, April 28, 2011

gratuitous doggie shot...

just because she's so darn cute!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i die!

so i'm working on a set design and i really want to go with the john derian look. i'm googling photos of his designs and lo and behold, what do i see? a john derian and repetto collaboration! how is this the first that i have heard of such a brilliant mix?

being on the shorter side, i never used to favor flats because, well, the last thing i need is to look even shorter. but a few years ago i decided i really didn't care about that any more and i began collecting ballet flats. and i loooove them! they are just so comfortable and really look great with any spring and summer outfit and they are perfect for work, too.

i have been dying for a pair of brigitte bardot's signature ballet flat, by repetto, but the price is a little much for me to handle. but oh man, look at these babies.
oh yes, i die!

available at john derian 212.677.8408 $295.00

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

new york style

speaking of personal style. have you seen the bill cunningham documentary yet? i haven't seen it come through town yet but i really want to see it.

and believe it or not, yours truly has been featured in his street style article. i will forever be indebted to him because now anytime lorenzo doesn't like what i'm wearing (including the coat i was wearing in the article), i instantly have "street cred". thanks bill!

my personal style file

i'm loving this new book by amanda brooks about developing your own personal style.

as a child of the '80s, i could definitely use some help when it comes to fact, this very day i am wearing a long sweater over black leggings, clearly not much has changed since then (my hair is smaller, though). so i'm always looking for any bits of advice i can get from the fashion front, and this one is really good.

i already know how i want to look when i'm older, i have that all planned out, it's the in between years that i'm struggling with!

Monday, April 25, 2011

get your kicks

i just discovered this great band over on gretchen jones' blog. so perfect for today's mood.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


oh man, i am just dying to listen to some nina right now. don't you just love her? i really wish i had seen her while she was still alive. definitely one of the people i would have at my dead or living dream dinner!

hurry up 5 o'clock!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

old blue hair

i am loving these images of the mary katrantzou spring 2011 lookbook found on rdujour.

while the blue hair is a bit much, these images are visually beautiful and interesting. it would have been a lot of fun styling these shots.

the clothing and the sets are incredible but i actually think that the photos would look better if the model just had black hair. what do you think?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

last tango...

here is a little teaser for you.

i know i haven't followed up on my last post regarding my new short do. yes, i cut my hair, i love it, i just haven't had any pictures taken that are worthy of showing all of my blogging friends. as soon as i have lorenzo take some pics, i'll get them up here. i actually am loving it and want to go even shorter. weeee!

i have been working on a new project that i am really excited about so here is a little clue. as soon as i get it a little more curated, i'll let you all know. oh i can't wait!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

hair affair follow up

tomorrow's the day i cut it all off! if i don't regret it after, i'll post a picture of my new look.

(this photo of me is by lorenzo and is a still of a video project we've been working on for a while. i like this one a lot).

dans la chambre

so i've been on a staycation here the last few days and my goal is to get some work done around the house...googling photos on-line is so much interesting though! i figure if i'm looking for photos that are house related, i'll get some motivation to do something creative.

after moving in with my boyfriend last july, we've been working to integrate all of our stuff together, the problem is, we both have a lot of things and we both like our things. our styles are similar but our collections are challenging to try to work in together. i have this weird frenchie/native american look going (i know, weird) and he tends a little more toward the asian and gothic look. so i'm left trying to put a room together of skulls, thai art, native american textiles and florals. so far i've managed to get the entry way done!

basically, what i am doing is one room at a time, taking everything off of the walls and coming up with a common theme, like in the entry, the theme was black and white stripes. then i went through the house and gathered up anything that had some form of black and white stripes in it. this plan actually worked out ok. i'll post a picture of the entry if the sun ever comes out here and i can take a decent one.

so that is my plan going throughout the try to come up with a theme for each room and then rearranging our belongings together.

the bedroom needs a little work since this is where we ha out the most. we have a pretty big house that is hard to heat so our room has become the place where we all hang out together. we have our bed, bookshelves, tv, stereo and computer in here so i would like to form a few little seating areas around these activities. i also would like to come up with a color scheme to go with my new bedding which is a bit brighter than my normal red, white and black. it has these colors but also with a little splash of fuchsia and bright blue. i love it!

so where i like to go for decorating inspiration is marie claire maison. i love that their rooms are not styled so perfectly but actually look like people live in them and have been collecting the items in the rooms throughout their lives.

in this photo, i really like the grouping of art and collectibles above the bed.

but this room looks more like our style. the colors in the bed and artwork are more similar to what i am working with. i love the collection of retro items, the cowhide on the floor and the funky art.

this one really looks like my style, too, though. i can't tell you how many times i've hung a tapestry above my bed and then hung artwork on it. these colors are so great together, too.

i think that this is my favorite room. i'm loving those hanging light pendants on each side of the bed and this bedding has a lot more pattern in it which is similar to mine.

ok, so i'm off to get some work done. i think i'll start with putting my laundry away!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hotty patotty!

that's right, i went to see pete yorn on sunday night. hullo!

no scarlett, wasn't there...bummer. pete still rocked without her, though. i was waiting for him to give me a call to sing her parts but he must have forgotten. ha ha!

more bomo...

one of my new readers kirsten m. asked me to feature a few photos from the book bohemian modern that i talked about a few months ago. i absolutely love this book and still can't wait to make a trip down to silver lake. i found this book in a great little, now defunt shop in portland but i'm sure you could find it on amazon or powell's if you are having a hard time finding it.

here are just a few photos that i found on-line and when i get home, i will scan some from the book.

and a big hello to kirsten! thank you so much for stopping by.

wouldn't a back yard like this be amazing? i would love to hang out here on nice evenings.

in the book, this first home was absolutely stripped to the bones and re-built. i really like the creative way of locating the windows. what a nice porch on the second home.

the book features art by the author and it is so cute. this is my favorite type of drawing. it reminds me of the velvet posters we would get as kids that we could color in with magic markers.

i'm on vacation for the next few days so i'll try get get more pics up soon. i'm taking a little staycation and i hope to get some more work done on our house. i have managed to get the entry painted and next are the stairs and bathroom so hopefully i'll get some of that accomplished.

happy spring! i just wish someone would let mother nature know that we are still waiting for it in portland!

images found on sb garden design and captain kk