Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sofia's style

i'm planning to cut a few inches off of my hair tomorrow and when i was looking for the style i like, i kept coming across images of sofia coppola. i have always really liked her hip yet classic style. she always looks put together but remains age appropriate and never dowdy. i also really like the way she often adds a little bit of masculinity to many of her ensembles.

who knows if her wavy cut will work with my stick straight hair but i'm going to try my own version of her angled bob. cross my fingers!

oh yeah, and her movies rock, too. i love, love, love lost in translation.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

oh lou

here are some images from the latest h & m lookbook starring one of my favorite frenchie girls, lou doillon.

photos courtesy of rdujour

Monday, May 24, 2010

cannes it

the royal couple johnny and vanessa were out on the town while at the cannes film festival. ooh la la!

images courtesy of rdujour

Thursday, May 20, 2010

la chanteuse

guess who popped into my store yesterday? yes, the talented and beautiful diane birch. turns out she grew up right outside of portland and stayed here a few extra days after playing the aladdin on may 15. she is a very sweet down to earth person and was a pleasure to help.

if you are not familiar with diane's music...familiarize! she is truly amazing with her deep, soulful and velvety voice. she is one of my favorite young musicians out there right now and i can't believe i'm just telling you about her. i guess sometimes things just need to be right in front of you to jog your memory.

and she's absolutely gorgeous to boot!

Monday, May 17, 2010

claudie day

i was just thinking that some days i just want to look and feel like amelie. wouldn't life be great if all you had to do was run around paris looking cute as a lady bug, flirting with cute boys, and skipping stones in the canal st. martin? oh yes, i could handle that.

so i was looking for amelie inspired outfits and happened upon this wonderful french clothing line named claudie pierlot. it is the quintessential french/amelie ( be it a more grown-up version) of fashion.

in fact, here is my girl crush audrey tautou wearing claudie pierlot.

and if there was any question that i have fallen in love with this clothing line, i found this wonderful photo with her muse and logo, a little french bulldog somewhat resembling my little girl lulu found over here.

this is a perfect summer look for me, the sundress and boots. i love these boots by the way!

i love the contrast of this long silhouette with the little sailor's hat.

but this relaxed look with jeans and a striped sailor's shirt is more my style.

i wonder if you can find claudie in the us? the search is on.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

so vera vera

when i was in new mexico last month, my bff turned me on to the fabulous vera neumann textiles. my friend has gone mad for vera. ordering napkins, tablecloths and scarves off of ebay on a daily basis. and i'm afraid this (lady)bug may have rubbed off on me too.

i'm ready for some new kitchen decor and i think the funky vera look would be perfect. this is great because i have recently begun vintage shopping which in the past has not really been my thing. now i have a mission though so that will make it so much fun.

while looking for vera images, i came across several great blog posts on the subject, this one being my favorite.

i also discovered that the vera neumann archives were bought a few years back and so they are now producing new vera product through the vera company.

here are some of my favorite pieces.

well you already know how i feel about the red, white and black combination.

and this tea towel is so freaking cute complete with utensils.

this her classic tablecloth style. i must have one of these.

and i can't forget her great scarves. my friend has one like this. i absolutely love poppies!

the only problem is now my friend and i may be having bidding wars on ebay. sorry raney!

true up
retro renovation
mr. peacock
ruby lane
high street market

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

maybe a nice chesterfield...

as much as i love my old pottery barn over stuffed sofa, lately i have been dreaming of replacing it. the fabric is so old and worn on it that it either needs reupholstered or a slip cover made. unfortunately, both of these options are far more pricy than the sofa is actually worth. so i'm thinking about replacing the piece. problem is, i'm in love with the chesterfield sofa which is a. hard to come by or b. very expensive. i have been combing craig's list in hopes that one will pop up and magically, it's owner has no idea how valuable it is and sells it for a steal.

here are some of my favorites. i would take any one of these!

i know, i know, a person with pets has no business owning a white sofa. one can dream though can't they?

how about black, that could work.

this brown leather one is just such a classic. i would definitely take this one.

i love how they have used french tea towels to upholster this one in a patchwork style.

but the bright patchwork is so much more fun and funky.

and this one is my absolute favorite. i actually saw this exact style at high point furniture market a few years ago and fell in love with it. the price tag however, not so much!

keep me in mind if you know anyone who just needs to get rid of their fabulous old chesterfield. i would even drive to pick it up!

Monday, May 10, 2010

would that make her dona juanita?

last night lorenzo and i watched the brigitte bardot film "don juan (or if don juan were a woman)". the film was made in 1973 by bardot's then husband roger vadim.

bardot plays a man-eater in the tradition of don juan's womanizing ways. she virtually destroys every man she comes into contact with whether it's by seducing him, falling in love with him, or seducing his wife instead of him (as was the case with jane birkin's clara), and then humiliating all of the players involved.

bardot is her usual gorgeous self but the scenes with jane birkin were my favorite. jane seemed very awkward and her acting was a little silly but she was young and beautiful in the birkin/gainsbourg/doillon tradition and it was a treat to see how much her daughters really look like her.

the only other enjoyment that i got out of this extremely over-the-top campy film were the scenes filmed in bardot's submarine home. it was very 007 in it's decor. imagine living in a submarine. i don't know if i could deal with that being somewhat claustrophobic!

i'm not sure if the film is worth recommending but the scenery was nice.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

oh chanel, how i love thee

here is the look book of the latest chanel collection, "latin lovers" found over on rdujour.

as i do have an affinity for the latin look, i do love this collection. and the styling of the shoot is perfect. can i just go there right now?

hot tamale!

oh this long one shoulder dress.

this shot is amazing, i love everything about it.

and that green door is perfect.

and the little short baby doll dress.

this whole shot is perfection.

ooh that bag.

great ad campaign.

ay chihuahua!