Monday, May 10, 2010

would that make her dona juanita?

last night lorenzo and i watched the brigitte bardot film "don juan (or if don juan were a woman)". the film was made in 1973 by bardot's then husband roger vadim.

bardot plays a man-eater in the tradition of don juan's womanizing ways. she virtually destroys every man she comes into contact with whether it's by seducing him, falling in love with him, or seducing his wife instead of him (as was the case with jane birkin's clara), and then humiliating all of the players involved.

bardot is her usual gorgeous self but the scenes with jane birkin were my favorite. jane seemed very awkward and her acting was a little silly but she was young and beautiful in the birkin/gainsbourg/doillon tradition and it was a treat to see how much her daughters really look like her.

the only other enjoyment that i got out of this extremely over-the-top campy film were the scenes filmed in bardot's submarine home. it was very 007 in it's decor. imagine living in a submarine. i don't know if i could deal with that being somewhat claustrophobic!

i'm not sure if the film is worth recommending but the scenery was nice.

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