Thursday, April 29, 2010

more charlotte

and welcome back to the charlotte channel where it's all charlotte all the time.

just kidding but that is how it is starting to look!

i came across these great photos of her on rdujour and since it is basically the way she looked when she played here in portland, i thought these pics did her much more justice than my iphone pics. so here she is, these photos are from the chicago show.

i could never pull them off but i love her balenciaga biker jeans.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

le salle de bain

lorenzo has been working on his bath remodel for a while now so i hope to help him finish it up. i never noticed how indifferent i was about bathrooms until i tried to think what i would like. i don't have any kind of dream bath in mind at all. my bathroom is very simple and white, which works with the style of my apartment, but lorenzo's is very different and needs a little more character.

here are a few that i like the look of and that i think would work in his house.

i really like the look of raw concrete like here on the tub.

the distressed and textured paint in this bathroom is very nice. this is one perhaps my favorite bath out of all of these.

again, the concrete look is nice here on the floor and as the counter top.

lorenzo has mentioned using strips of wood and i like this look here with the white tile.

i like the simplicity of this bath with the simple table and the old office door.

and this concrete/tile/tin combo is nice too.

which look do you like the best?

(all images from marie claire maison)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

paradis found

i was so excited last week when i picked up the latest issue of marie claire and found my girl vanessa inside. what a great shoot.

tres belle vanessa!

(photos courtesy of rdujour)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

charlotte for ever

so tonight is the night i see charlotte play here in portland at the wonder ballroom. i can't wait to see her and i imagine she doesn't tour very often so this may very well be the only chance i get. oh what to wear...

i have loved charlotte from the first film i saw her in many years ago called the cement garden. a very bizarre movie but charlotte was cast perfectly for the role.

and i recently watched my wife is an actress which she filmed with her partner yvan attal. i really loved it and couldn't believe i had never heard of it before. check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

and the science of sleep is my absolute favorite film of hers. plus it has gael garcia bernal in it. meow!

and of course zefferelli's jane eyre was a beautiful movie.

there is one of her film's that i could not get through called the lemming. have you seen that one? i did not like those little critters!

i'll give you a full report tomorrow on how the show went.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

school house rocks

for many, many years, the old albuquerque high school sat sadly vacant taking up a huge piece of prime real estate in downtown albuquerque. it was undecided what was going to happen to the old school and demolition was threatened many times. however, fate had planned something so much more for this beautiful landmark and five years ago, it opened up as lofts and retail space.

i had never been in the old building in all of the years i lived in albuquerque but i had a soft spot for it each time i drove by since my mother had attended the school briefly before they closed it. i always loved the building because it represented a time in albuquerque, architecturally speaking, that you did not see much any more. there are very few red brick buildings left in the city and an over abundance of brown stucco.

i was so excited last week when i finally got a look into the interiors of the "new" albuquerque high and i could not believe what an amazing job they did in restoring it, complete with halls just as if you were going back in time to high school. i was told that with each loft, the tenants get their own allotment of lockers to use for storage.

this particular loft that my very stylish friend lives in is a studio space. i love the way that she had it decorated and she was kind enough to let me photograph it to feature it on my blog.

check out the giant chalkboard in the living room. this would be cool to use like the character in 500 days of summer did when he did architectural drawings all over his walls in his apartment.

and instead of using the upper loft space for her sleeping area, she left her bed downstairs and then turned the upper space into a cool lounge area with bean bags.

what do you think? could you go back to high school if it was this cool?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

blue eyed girl

i spent my entire vacation last week listening to volumes one and two from she and him and i absolutely love, love, love both albums. this got me thinking about another one of my girl crushes.

have i ever mentioned my girl crush on zooey deschanel? i can't remember, but jeez, can she be any cuter?

i love her hair..

i love her big blue eyes...

i love her fashion sense...

and she even got a cool name that i love, a la jd salinger. some girls have all the luck!

the only thing i don't love about her is that she no longer dates jason schwartzman because i thought that they were the most perfect couple ever.