Tuesday, April 27, 2010

le salle de bain

lorenzo has been working on his bath remodel for a while now so i hope to help him finish it up. i never noticed how indifferent i was about bathrooms until i tried to think what i would like. i don't have any kind of dream bath in mind at all. my bathroom is very simple and white, which works with the style of my apartment, but lorenzo's is very different and needs a little more character.

here are a few that i like the look of and that i think would work in his house.

i really like the look of raw concrete like here on the tub.

the distressed and textured paint in this bathroom is very nice. this is one perhaps my favorite bath out of all of these.

again, the concrete look is nice here on the floor and as the counter top.

lorenzo has mentioned using strips of wood and i like this look here with the white tile.

i like the simplicity of this bath with the simple table and the old office door.

and this concrete/tile/tin combo is nice too.

which look do you like the best?

(all images from marie claire maison)

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