Thursday, May 13, 2010

so vera vera

when i was in new mexico last month, my bff turned me on to the fabulous vera neumann textiles. my friend has gone mad for vera. ordering napkins, tablecloths and scarves off of ebay on a daily basis. and i'm afraid this (lady)bug may have rubbed off on me too.

i'm ready for some new kitchen decor and i think the funky vera look would be perfect. this is great because i have recently begun vintage shopping which in the past has not really been my thing. now i have a mission though so that will make it so much fun.

while looking for vera images, i came across several great blog posts on the subject, this one being my favorite.

i also discovered that the vera neumann archives were bought a few years back and so they are now producing new vera product through the vera company.

here are some of my favorite pieces.

well you already know how i feel about the red, white and black combination.

and this tea towel is so freaking cute complete with utensils.

this her classic tablecloth style. i must have one of these.

and i can't forget her great scarves. my friend has one like this. i absolutely love poppies!

the only problem is now my friend and i may be having bidding wars on ebay. sorry raney!

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