Tuesday, May 11, 2010

maybe a nice chesterfield...

as much as i love my old pottery barn over stuffed sofa, lately i have been dreaming of replacing it. the fabric is so old and worn on it that it either needs reupholstered or a slip cover made. unfortunately, both of these options are far more pricy than the sofa is actually worth. so i'm thinking about replacing the piece. problem is, i'm in love with the chesterfield sofa which is a. hard to come by or b. very expensive. i have been combing craig's list in hopes that one will pop up and magically, it's owner has no idea how valuable it is and sells it for a steal.

here are some of my favorites. i would take any one of these!

i know, i know, a person with pets has no business owning a white sofa. one can dream though can't they?

how about black, that could work.

this brown leather one is just such a classic. i would definitely take this one.

i love how they have used french tea towels to upholster this one in a patchwork style.

but the bright patchwork is so much more fun and funky.

and this one is my absolute favorite. i actually saw this exact style at high point furniture market a few years ago and fell in love with it. the price tag however, not so much!

keep me in mind if you know anyone who just needs to get rid of their fabulous old chesterfield. i would even drive to pick it up!

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  1. Funny... I was just oogling this one last week... what do you think? (yes I am in my yellow phase)


    Don't quite know how I would pay for it...