Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i die!

so i'm working on a set design and i really want to go with the john derian look. i'm googling photos of his designs and lo and behold, what do i see? a john derian and repetto collaboration! how is this the first that i have heard of such a brilliant mix?

being on the shorter side, i never used to favor flats because, well, the last thing i need is to look even shorter. but a few years ago i decided i really didn't care about that any more and i began collecting ballet flats. and i loooove them! they are just so comfortable and really look great with any spring and summer outfit and they are perfect for work, too.

i have been dying for a pair of brigitte bardot's signature ballet flat, by repetto, but the price is a little much for me to handle. but oh man, look at these babies.
oh yes, i die!

available at john derian 212.677.8408 $295.00

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