Monday, December 21, 2009

chanel looks good to me

have you had a chance to see chanel's spring line? i'm loving the whole "babes in the woods" theme.

i really do like lily allen's music, i'm just not sure about her as the face of chanel right now. what do you think?

i love this floral crochet ensemble and the red mary janes with the big flowers are to die for.

and the houndstooth dress with the big chunky clogs would look great at work. i'm so glad clogs are making a comeback...again.

and while i could never pull this look off, i absolutely adore these reds clogs with the daisy.

and this is one of my favorite looks. it's so victorian chic and i've seen it this year done by ruffian at a much more affordable pricepoint. and those black suede clogs are amazing.

and here, i'm all about these cris-cross tights.

what do you think of the collection? have you come across anything for spring that you are looking forward to?

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