Wednesday, February 3, 2010 shelved

it's really wet and dreary outside which is not very conducive to taking photos of anything. it's grey outside and dark inside. it's a chore just to take the dogs out for a walk without getting wet and muddy. so to occupy my time, i'm moving some things around inside the apartment.

for quite some time, i've been working on rearranging my closet which has taken me a lot longer than i had originally anticipated. it turned into cleaning out every closet in the house in order to get things out of my clothes closet that really belonged in the pantry. then the pantry needed cleaned because it was too full, and so on...

part of the closet project includes getting my bedroom set up to be more functional. it's a very large space with not a lot of furniture. i would like to make it much more warm and cozy, including new bedding at some point. i love books and bookshelves so i thought it could be nice to move my bookshelves out of the living room and into my bedroom and create a sleeping library.

so here's some inspiration on arranging bookshelves.

i've kicked around the idea of painting my dark wood shelves white to lighten up the room.
maire claire maison

but then again, i really love this look with the darker shelves.

look at these amazing stairs. i could only dream to have my bookshelves arranged this neat and tidy!
molly luetkemeyer

and i really love this look-the contrast between the dark shelves, the colorful books and the white furniture.
colour lovers

ooh, or red shelves...
marie claire maison

this look is really more my style, an organized mess.
marie claire maison

and not for now but one day i would love a dining room done like this.
desire to inspire

which look is your favorite? i need help staying focused.

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