Friday, February 19, 2010

latin love

i know this blog is usually geared towards all things frenchy but every once in a while, i need to get back to my latin roots and so i wanted to tell you about my love of pedro almodovar and his amazing films. and besides, his movie posters fit in my color scheme so that's perfect!

next week i'm going to see his newest film, "broken embraces". have you seen it yet? i know, i know, it's been out for several months now but i just don't have as much time to get out to see movies any more. which is sad because one of my all time favorite things is going to see great movies.

back in the day, i would be at the guild in albuquerque or at cinema 21 here in portland on opening night of his films. and then a few years ago, there was a tour of all his greatest films and i went to see as many as i could. oh how much i love him. here are my favorites.

"volver" with my favorite movie poster.

gael garcia bernal and "bad education", need i say more. i still think this is my favorite of his films because of the way he was able to tie these three separate stories together so smoothly.

"all about my mother" was so intense with the pain this woman was going through.

"women on the verge of a nervous breakdown". how many people tried gazpacho because of this film?

"tie me up tie me down" introduced us to a handsome man named antonio banderas.

and I can't forget to mention talk to her, another great film.

which one is your favorite?

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