Tuesday, February 16, 2010

louise bourgeois

last september when i was in new york, i discovered an artist that i had never heard of, louise bourgeois.

i walked up to the guggenheim and was happily surprised by their exhibit of her work.

apparently, she's nick-named spider woman.

this is her exhibit, maman, in the guggenheim.

she also does these incredible vignettes of which they had several installed at this show.

you don't see her paintings as often but i really liked her work--a cross between frida kahlo and georgia o'keefe.

she made her start with her family in france who repaired tapestries. she would draw the pieces of the tapestries that were missing. she later became a student of cubism and moved to new york with her husband in 1938.

bourgeois is now 98 years old and still keeps her studio in chelsea.

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  1. Wonderful art. I love the spiders. I think it would be cool to live underneath one.