Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i'm watching...

i posted earlier today that i was anxious to come home to work on rearranging my bedroom and possibly moving my bookshelves into my room. well...lately i've really been wanting to go to paris so bad, this april will be five years since my last trip there. so i'm thinking about paris, and then books and this naturally reminds me of shakespeare and company which brings me back to before sunset.

the opening scene is filmed in my very favorite place in paris, shakespeare and company. and i just so happen to have this film at home so now i'm here watching it.

i stumbled upon shakespeare and co. while walking to notre dame one evening. it was a monday night and they were hosting a poetry reading. it was my first night in paris and i was way too nervous to go into the packed shop but i sat outside for a while and just soaked it all in, alone in the dark.

and that's when i started thinking about the bookshelves in the bookstore and wanting to watch the film to remind me of the bookstore...and this is why i can never get anything done!


  1. oh how i love the dialogue in his movie oh and the books all htose wonderful books!

  2. i know, don't you just love all of those books? my dream is to live in a house full of books. thank you for reading, you have an amazing blog.