Friday, February 5, 2010

fashion friday

so yes, i realize i am not a fashion blog. there are already so many amazing ones out there that i could never compete with. i mean there is this girl, and this one, and this guy and these two fabulous girls. and i'll leave it to the professionals. however, when i saw these two lovelies at work today i harrassed them until they gave in to let me post their pictures. i just love both of their quintessential french outfits today. oh the days of khakis and columbia jackets are over here in portland, thank god!

home merchandise manager and designer
vintage dress
tory burch shoes
vintage bangles
chanel earrings

home catalog merchandiser and buyer
theory tunic
italian boots
hermes scarf
swallow crystal locket necklace

thanks girls for putting up with me today, and happy friday everyone!

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