Wednesday, June 16, 2010

oh to be french

i'm not sure how or when this happened, but i have always been so fascinated by the french designer agnes b. i have never been in one of her shops and i don't think anyone here in portland carries her designs but i just love her simple yet funky take on the classic french style. today i was looking for an image of one of her simple striped tees but instead found these great fall looks. it must be that fact that it hasn't been above 60 degrees this week in portland that i am seriously looking at fall clothing in the middle of june!

i work for a company that makes a lot of plaids and tartans and i don't usually wear them because, well, i've seen about enough of it. however, i love the cut of this skirt and the thought to pair it with a tiny baby blue cardigan really shakes this look up a bit. i would never think to put baby blue with red and black but it looks great.

and this purse is so amazing! oh yes, as you can tell, i have a thing for red, white and black.

and this chocolate and red combo is sooo cute. this would make such a sweet holiday look wouldn't it?

and while i really hope the sun makes an appearance up here soon, the arrival of fall won't be so bad is i can find some of these looks.

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