Thursday, June 3, 2010

new addiction

have you seen the new reality series nine by design on bravo? OMG i am so addicted to it now. i really want to run home and catch up on all of the past episodes.

their designs are amazing and those kids rock. i love that they include their kids in important business decisions. i have often thought as an adult that i wish my parents included me and my siblings in some of the more important decisions they made when we were younger. kids are very insightful, you know. of course these kids are uprooted on a regular basis due to their parents "flipping homes" habit but it is cool that they have a vacation home that they never want to sell because it has been the one stable residence in the kids lives.

hey, if my parents were this cool, i could sacrifice a move now and then for them!

the "nine" family

the glass facade of the manhattan highway home

their new book (you know i'm ordering this one)

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