Thursday, June 17, 2010

oh la la

even though i can't be in paris right now, i can at least dress like paris thanks to naomi over at the rock star diaries who pointed out the fabulous on line shop shabby apple. shabby apples features only dresses (love it)and particularly dresses that require nothing else. no cardigan, no tank top, just a good old fashioned dress.

i have this secret personal goal of acquiring 365 dresses and i'm well on my way. that way i have a new dress to wear everyday of the year and i would only have to do minimal loads of laundry which i detest doing (thank you lorenzo for always helping me with mine). here are three that i would absolutely love to add to my collection.

the oh la la is my favorite.

but the tour eiffel is pretty darn cute too.

and i might as well take the artiste to complete the collection.

go check out the shabby apple sight and pick out your favorites from the paris collection and then go to naomi's blog and let her know which one you want and you might just win the give away. oh darn, now i just decreased my chances!

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