Friday, June 4, 2010

la belle lou

oh i was so excited today when i got on rdujour and found this article featuring my girl lou doillon at home. i already had a feeling that we would be great friend's if only we were to meet but now i am really convinced after seeing her pad. i mean, let me point out the similarities between lou and i.

we could share clothes 'cause you know how much i love the black and white combo (except that i'm not tall, skinny and leggy).

i have wallpaper in my dining room almost exactly like this so we could talk interior design.

lou has a little bulldog and i have a little boston terrier so our babies could have play dates.

our kitchens are decorated in the same haphazard way and my fridge has a collage of prints similar to these covering it. we could throw awesome cocktail parties out of our little kitchens.

i collect day of the dead memorabilia so we could compare our skull collections.

yes, i'm sure lou and i would have a great time together and if her actress/musician older sister charlotte wanted to stop by to hang, even better!

images courtesy of the french magazine l'officiel

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