Monday, June 21, 2010

noooo reservations

a few years back, when i was still single and no longer working my crazy multiple job restaurant/retail schedule that i had done for so many years, i was at a bit of a loss as to how to occupy my time on the weekends. most of my friends either lived out of town, still worked nights so weren't up for early morning brunches, or were spending their weekends shuffling the family around.

during this time, i developed the habit of getting up early sunday mornings, making a pot of coffee and settling in to watch rick steves travel the world. i guess if i wasn't going anywhere exotic, at least he could transport me there.

this little routine served me well until i found a box set of no reservations at the video store and holed myself up in my apartment for one solid weekend watching every episode. sadly, rick steves was elementary school compared to the college aged debauchery of anthony bourdain.

oh watching the adventures of rick gallivant through austria yodeling up a storm was a far cry from the adventures anthony would take us on--drinking absinthe in paris and having hallucinations of oscar wilde--this was more my kind of trip.

i mean look at the way he opens a bottle. that is exactly the same way i do. kindred spirits? i think so!

and i'm so excited to be going to see him read from his latest book medium raw, tonight at the bagdad theater here in portland. beer and bourdain, you can't beat it.

p.s. i do still love rick, just in a different way.

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