Wednesday, March 17, 2010

rustic kitchens

lately i've been pining away to buy a house so i've been looking on various real estate sights. the other day i found the cutest little farmhouse and now i'm dreaming of decorating it. i think the heart of most farmhouses is in the kitchen so that is where i would start.

here are some great rustic kitchens that i found. i think there are elements of each one that i could incorporate into my dream farmhouse kitchen. i would definitely start with a clean white palette and go from there.

open upper shelving is a must for me in my dream kitchen. and i love the large stove. living etc.

the clean white walls and simple design of this kitchen is great. and i absolutely love the black cabinets with the cherry trim. daily mail

this is a great big open kitchen. that wall is to die for as well as that big farm table. marie claire maison

this one is just cute, simple and rustic. marie claire maison

what a perfect little nook of a kitchen. this one was designed by one of my favorite designers, thom felicia. he has such a good eye. the white cabinets are perfect and i've always dreamed of an open staircase. except mine would be a spiral. domino (rip)

out of all of the kitchens, this one is my favorite. it's simple, rustic and the pop of bright colors is definitely more my style. and again, i love the rustic farm table. marie claire maison

which one is your favorite?

i'll keep you posted on the house purchasing phase i'm in.


  1. I love kitchen pictures... kitchen with the staircase is my favorite too! But stay away from the spiral staircase... you will never get any furniture into the room unless you can hoist it in through a window. I have a good friend here with on and the room is barren, as the room only has very small windows and we can't get anything up the stairs. PS so excited about a possible home purchase for you! I love owning a home... best thing I have ever done.

  2. good feedback on the spiral staircase. remember my old house here with my loft bedroom? I literally had to make a pulley to get my furniture up there because we couldn't get it up the stairs. Was pretty funny but thought I was going to lose my bed at one point! yes, excited about possible house. happy weekend!