Thursday, March 4, 2010

quelle bonne surprise

i haven't been able to participate in the french language community lately as much as i would like to. other than helping lorenzo's daughter with her homework, i'm pretty out of touch. i do think that i am going to have to head to france soon for a two week immersion class to get me back in line. what a bummer!

however, today during my lunch, i was scrolling through my favorites and clicked on the french word a day blog.

if you are even remotely a francophile, kristin's blog is a must. complete with the most amazing photos of the french country side and cities.

well, it seems mrs. espinasse just held her first reading at the famous bookstore shakespeare and company in paris. oh what a dream, could you imagine doing something like that? and what a charming post, i could just feel the butterflies she must have had.

it looks like she is out promoting her latest book and shakespeare was one of her stops. i'm just so happy for her. she truly is amazing.

kristin espinasse was raised in phoenix, arizona and quotes such memorable places as metro center. i liked her right away because of her upbringing, which is very similar to mine in the southwest. she then met her future husband and moved to france in 1992. she now lives in the south of france with her wine-maker husband and two adorable french children. what a rough life!

so go and check out french word a day. you will love it.

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