Saturday, March 20, 2010

drop me a line

i was checking out one of my favorite blogs, erin ever after, and came across this beautiful image of a clothesline.

i have always loved clotheslines and take pictures of them whenever i see them. when i was in italy, it was like clothesline heaven. the italians take clotheslines to an art form and have many crazy contraptions to make them easier to use. my hostess in lucca had the coolest one that would be perfect for any apartment dweller. i really wanted to buy one but the thought of dragging a clothesline across italy and france seemed pretty ridiculous at the time. next time i'm there, i'm shipping one home!

oh these whitewashed walls with the bright laundry. jane lake, erin ever after

ancient venetian laundry. times union

the chaotic neopolitan lines. wikimedia commons

simple turkish style. media melon

beautiful, rundown cuba. felice willat, tools with heart

does this inspire some spring cleaning?

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