Monday, March 8, 2010

indochine nyc

many, many years ago, i ripped a page from a magazine (probably vogue) of an article about what restaurant staff wore at famous restaurants in new york city. at the time i was working in a restaurant and i thought it was fascinating that restaurants would clothe their servers in designer pieces which reflected the atmosphere of the restaurant. i mean what a concept to really complete your dining experience. enough of the old black and white!

well, one of the restaurants mentioned on the page was indochine. i absolutely loved the dress the server was wearing. it was an olive colored floral print dress with covered buttons up the side. in addition to this lovely dress, the photos of the restaurant were beautiful--black, cream and red with big banana leaf accents.

i never imagined i would dine here but a few years ago on a business trip, i arrived into town and called my coworker to see what our plans were for the evening. i almost died when she told me we were going to have dinner at indochine, i had completly forgotten about it when on previous trips to new york.

indochine is very unassuming from the outside as many new york restaurants are. you only know you're in the right spot by the red light above the door.

oh my gosh and the interiors did not disappoint. i just sat there enjoying our amazing meal and taking it all in.

so when i talked to my friend (and coworker) the other day who is currently in new york on business, i asked what she was doing for the evening. when she said "dinner at indochine," i was so bummed that i wasn't with her. i'll need to make another trip there soon because now i'm really craving it!

and i can't believe it but indochine is celebrating it's 25th year of business this year.

indochine is located at 430 lafayette st. 212.505.5111 and reservations are recommended.

photos courtesy of belle vivir.

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