Thursday, March 4, 2010


i found out the most exciting news yesterday over at one of my favorite blogs le train bleu. it looks like target has done it again by teaming up with another great retailer, liberty of london.

perhaps it is due to the many years that i adored holly hobby but i've always loved floral and calico prints. i don't think i will ever get tired of wearing floral dresses. i wish i could wear them everyday but it may not look appropriate during our cold grey winters here in portland. but spring is almost here so i will be in line at target on march 14th to make my purchases from this beautiful collection.

here are a few of the pieces that i really like.

art deco was one of my favorite design periods and i love this art deco print. it works for a dress or for wallpaper!

oh and peacock, i LOVE peacock prints. again, this one is perfect for a dress or i would wallpaper my entry way in a print like this.

oh and i will definitely be purchasing some of these flip-flops and lucie better keep her little teeth off of them!

my anthropologie cereal bowls are starting to look a little sad so these may be the perfect replacement.

i'm not much of a tea drinker, coffee for me, but this teapot would be a cute accessory in my kitchen. i went through a sunflower phase when decorating one of my many college kitchens and this is a much cooler updated look for the sunflower with it's bold black print.

again, the peacock theme. aren't these pillows great? i think part of the reason i will never have an all red, white and black home is because i love the peacock motif too much to give it up.

and this peacock bandeau will be perfect for our summer dips at our favorite little swimming hole on the tualatin river.

so what do you think? pretty amazing isn't it. i can't wait to see the collection in person and i'm counting down the days.

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  1. I saw this line a few weeks ago. Did you see the BIKE.... fantastic!!!