Wednesday, January 13, 2010

joy luck

while on our recent roadtrip to the southwest, i wanted to take my family to one of my favorite restaurants in jerome, arizona called the house of joy. the house of joy is a defunct brothel dating back to the 1920s and for many years, housed a very good restaurant. i was disappointed to find out that the restaurant is no longer open. the owner had a terrible bicycle accident and running the restaurant was too difficult. i was happy, though, that it is now a little shop they have labelled as a "brothel boutique" with a very eclectic mix of wares. the shop was closed the day we were there but i look forward to checking it out next time i'm down south. if you ever make it to jerome (which i suggest you do because it's a very cute town), check out the house of joy and live your fantasy of yelling down the stairs "next!"

the cutest red brick facade. couldn't you just live here?

the same sign has adorned the house of joy for many years. check out those red lights.

stop, don't come any closer.

yard art a la the house of joy.

the house of joy is at 416 hull ave jerome, arizona 928.634.5339

soundtrack: love will tear us apart joy division

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