Wednesday, January 13, 2010

black out

someday, when i'm no longer renting, i would love some black walls in my house. i think it would be really cool in the dining room, particularly, but it could work in a kitchen also. here are a few black walls courtesy of marie claire maison.

this one is my favorite. i love that the walls look almost charred black. i could handle this bedroom!

chalkboard paint in the kitchen is a good way to go. you could use it for grocery lists and menus. i always like the cafes that go this route for their menus.

for a dining room, i'm partial to this glossy black look.

this is a cool black lounge. i would definitely hang out here drinking red wine or cocktails with little asian umbrellas.

black on black. even the trim is black, an alternative to the white trim we most often see paired with black walls.

a black wall in a children's room would work, especially if it were the chalkboard paint. that way they could draw on the walls to their heart's content and nobody gets in trouble.

what do you think? could you do black walls in your house and if so, where?

soundtrack: paint it black by the stones


  1. Funny I have always wanted to paint my trim black...

  2. i would love gold trim on the glossy black.

    i'm waiting for your first post! love the new header.

  3. Thanks... even though the header takes up the WHOLE page. I need to crop it. So many things to learn.

  4. hey, if i can do it, you can do it. i'm so technologically challenged!

  5. Your right. Hey have you seen this

  6. Saw this today and thought of you...