Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bathing beauty

so i'm bored to death with my apartment's decor and i needed some inspiration so i hopped on over to a few of my favorite decorating blogs to see if there was anything that could get me thinking about what to do.

my apartment is very eclectic with a lot of color and texture and leans toward a southwestern/french vibe (if you can imagine that blend). i grew up in the southwest and work for a company that specializes in southwestern designs but i really love the french style of decorating and my apartment itself looks very parisian--hardwood floors, great windows, high ceilings and pretty trim.

for quite a while now, i have wanted to decorate it in all red white and black (i know, go figure) but that requires starting over entirely which doesn't sound too appealing. i also have all of these critters, so a lot of white is not going to work, especially with furniture.

what i have decided to do is to tackle the task of changing my apartment over to what i really like but also keeping it animal friendly. i think the best way to go about this is to start with the bathroom. it's all white with hints of blue and green so i can just substitute some red and black in as an accent color. shouldn't be too hard. here's a few great ideas to get me started.

a red runner and bold artwork is so easy but brings in a whole new look.
desire to inspire

a great mirror painted white and diy artwork could quickly change the look of a basic white bathroom and make it more personal.
desire to inspire

graphic handpainted walls and a japanese lantern really funk up this bathroom. while my landlord probably would not go for painting the bathroom like this, a big piece of black and white artwork could do the trick and i already have a japanese lantern that could bring in the red.
desire to inspire

both of these bathrooms would be easy to do with temporary wallpaper, either black toile or red toile and then a bouquet of fresh flowers.

both looks apartment therapy

so here are a few ideas. i'll let you know which look i choose and post pictures. i hope to get this project started tonight!

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