Sunday, January 3, 2010

i would really love...

a bmw bavaria

lorenzo and i were on the highway today talking about all of the different cars and it got me to thinking about my dream car. i've always wanted one of these and just missed the opportunity to buy one that i had been eyeing several years ago. it's just not practical for me to have this as my primary vehicle but when the days comes that i can have a second car, this would be it.

did you know jackie o drove one? so cool!


  1. Just love vintage cars - there`s something so timelessly elegant about them. Not flashy or trying to prove anything...

  2. i know, and i wish we were still a part of the generation that thought buying a car was kind of like buying a house-a life long committment. they all come and go so quickly these days. i'll never stop dreaming of this car, i know i will have it one day! what's your dream car?