Thursday, February 24, 2011

hair affair

i was given a lot of pretty great qualities in life, my hazel eyes, fabulous fingernails, charming sense of humor... when it comes to feeling good about myself, i really do think i do ok in the self-esteem department.

but there is one major quality that i detest, however, and that's my fine stringy hair. i've had an on-going battle with my hair my entire life.

the funniest thing is that i graduated in 1988, the age of big hair. i managed by keeping my hair shoulder length and permed to somewhat fit in with the other big-haired girls.

the problem started in college when i went to the salon to get my ever lovin' perm and the stylist refused to give me one. she felt i had done too much damage to my hair and that it was time to give it a rest and let it grow out for a while. well, needless to say, i was devastated but deep down inside, i knew she was right...i needed to give my poor hair a break.

so all through college i kept my hair straight which worked out ok with the whole hippy, college thing anyway.

later in life, though, i wanted my full hair back but after all of that time being perm free, i just couldn't go there again. i decided i would embrace my straight hair. so i grew it long and didn't think too much about it. not that i loved it, i just tried not to worry about it too much.

but now that i'm in my 40s, i want it to look neater and more styled. i cut my long hair off about 6 months ago and every time i go to the stylist, it gets a little bit shorter. unfortunately, now it's a boring in between length and i feel like i need something a little bit edgier.

which brings me to today's post. should i or should i not cut my hair shorter than i have ever had it in my life? it's just so crazy how some females hold on to their hair as being a huge part of their identity. i envy those girls who can take a risk and play with different hair colors and styles. i have never been one of those girls. i think since i have fine hair, i'm afraid that if i keep cutting it, one day it just won't grow back...which is completely ridiculous, i know.

i have always admired leigh lezark's straight black hair. and while i'm sure her's is considerably thicker than mine, i think i could actually carry this one off. what do you think?

i like this cut a lot, too, i think it's just a little shorter than the one up above.

which one do you like best?

the only problem is that my stylist has corrected my hair color from it being too dark to a more natural auburn color. do you think this cut would look ok if it wasn't so extremely dark? of course i love black hair, i just don't think my stylist (whom i love and has save me from bad hair)will let me go there again.

i have a few weeks until my next cut so i will ponder this and let you all know.

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  1. Funny! I have always loved your hair. I love this cut! I don't like your hair too dark... I like it with some red!