Friday, March 11, 2011

paradis theatre

there is a beautiful article today on rdujour about mrs. johnny depp, the photographs are incredible.

i first fell in love with vanessa when she was hanging out with lenny kravitz. oh how my friend raney and i were so jealous! but after seeing her around a bit, i grew to love her simple french beauty. she really won me over in the film, girl on the bridge. that gap between her teeth and short wavy haircut should go down in the fashion files for sure.

i remember hanging out in an irish pub in montmartre one afternoon and the bartender told me that vanessa and johnny lived right across the street. can you imagine? what if they had popped in? no such luck!

if you love fashion as much as i do, be sure to check out rdujour. it's my daily fashion news, but i suppose i shouldn't give away all of my secrets!

and as to my hair affair question, i am still undecided about cutting it. as soon as you make a big complaint about your hair, it miraculously starts behaving itself knowing it's days are numbered. i have recently received so many compliments on how great it looks that i may wait it out a while :)

and to my friends in japan, you are in my thoughts and prayers right now. xoxoxo

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