Thursday, December 30, 2010

color me rouge and blanc and noir

i came across this book cover on rdujour yesterday. i just loved how it captured my rouge blanc noir obsession.

i'm looking forward to this new year and spending more time on all of my blogs (here and here). this one is definitely my favorite because it encompasses all of my favorite things.

i wish you all a very happy new year and look forward to sharing more of my happy thoughts with you next year!

xoxo hawthorne girl

Friday, December 24, 2010

scary swan

lorenzo's daughter and i did most of our holiday shopping yesterday and then decided we would go to see the movie black swan.

i had been wanting to see it but then after reading reviews thought that it may not be my thing. i absolutely cannot watch anything weird or creepy without freaking out at a later time when at home by myself trying to go to sleep. and anything gorey...forget about it.

well, i thought i would give it a shot since all of the images just looked so beautiful not to mention the fabulous costumes designed by rodarte. and it was a visually stunning film.

however, the story line was just too intense for me. i still can't figure out what it was trying to do. yes, i get the whole evil twin/split personality thing but what was up with the fingernail obsession? i mean yuck and double yuck!

as i left the theater, i said i was very happy that i went to see it but even happier that i will never have to see it again!

a feel good holiday movie it is not. i'm going to have to watch love, actually twice now!

happy holidays everyone. what movies are you going to see this holiday season?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

it's a rough job...

one of my favorite musicians, diane birch stopped in the store again today. i just love her music and listen to it non-stop while commuting to work.

she is an absolute sweetheart and gorgeous to boot. she has a cute new bob too!

i can't wait to check out her new album.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

oh joy!

i blogged about this over on my portland blog the other day and then i thought that you my loyal rouge readers would probably love to hear about it as well.

my bff sent me the pink martini holiday cd for my birthday and i am loving it. i've listened to it everyday since i got it and i'm playing it in the store right now too!

those pink martinians have really put together a wonderful holiday album and gave it their own twist. it's very diverse and worldly, you know, just like pink martini. check it out, i really think you will like it.

ps. i don't really track my blog analytics very often and i hopped on today to see where my viewers are from. i could not believe how many people have been reading lately. i have readers from all over the world! thank you all so much, this definitely helps motivate me to keep the posts coming. i love this little blog, it's really just my journal of all the beautiful things that make me happy.

here kitty kitty

i'm loving the holiday ad campaign for cartier that i found over on rdujour. isn't that the sweetest baby ever?

the last thing we need is another critter over at our house but that baby leopard is pretty darn cute. she would definitely give little lulu a run for the money. lu's favorite past time is hunting for kitties!

i hope you all are doing great and having a fabulous holiday season. it's getting pretty cold here in portland but just a very light dusting of snow so far.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

somewhere when?

and speaking of sofia coppola, when is her new movie somewhere coming out? i see that they just had the premier in new york, so hopefully soon.

i just love sofia's movies for their dreamy, ethereal quality. i mean the virgin suicides, lost in translation and marie antoinette are some of the most visually stunning movies i have ever seen. weren't the interiors in marie antoinette just amazing? i really, really want to see lost in translation again, too. it's been a while. i think that may be one i need to add to my collection.

what movies are you looking forward to seeing this holiday season?