Friday, December 24, 2010

scary swan

lorenzo's daughter and i did most of our holiday shopping yesterday and then decided we would go to see the movie black swan.

i had been wanting to see it but then after reading reviews thought that it may not be my thing. i absolutely cannot watch anything weird or creepy without freaking out at a later time when at home by myself trying to go to sleep. and anything gorey...forget about it.

well, i thought i would give it a shot since all of the images just looked so beautiful not to mention the fabulous costumes designed by rodarte. and it was a visually stunning film.

however, the story line was just too intense for me. i still can't figure out what it was trying to do. yes, i get the whole evil twin/split personality thing but what was up with the fingernail obsession? i mean yuck and double yuck!

as i left the theater, i said i was very happy that i went to see it but even happier that i will never have to see it again!

a feel good holiday movie it is not. i'm going to have to watch love, actually twice now!

happy holidays everyone. what movies are you going to see this holiday season?

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