Tuesday, December 21, 2010

oh joy!

i blogged about this over on my portland blog the other day and then i thought that you my loyal rouge readers would probably love to hear about it as well.

my bff sent me the pink martini holiday cd for my birthday and i am loving it. i've listened to it everyday since i got it and i'm playing it in the store right now too!

those pink martinians have really put together a wonderful holiday album and gave it their own twist. it's very diverse and worldly, you know, just like pink martini. check it out, i really think you will like it.

ps. i don't really track my blog analytics very often and i hopped on today to see where my viewers are from. i could not believe how many people have been reading lately. i have readers from all over the world! thank you all so much, this definitely helps motivate me to keep the posts coming. i love this little blog, it's really just my journal of all the beautiful things that make me happy.

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