Tuesday, October 26, 2010

style sisters

yesterday on rdujour, there was a style file on my girl charlotte. there were tons of great photos of charlotte in her trademark jeans and boots and also a lot of great red carpet looks.

go to rdujour to see the complete article on charlotte.

and a few weeks ago, there were more beautiful photos of her sister, lou on rdujour. this time at the chanel runway show.

what do i love about these sisters the most? i think it's just their understated way of being fabulous. they always looks great, but not like they're trying too hard. they must have definitely inherited this quality from their mother. maybe some things are just ingrained, i don't know.

i do believe that sometimes when it comes to fashion, less is more!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

oh wellie!

i'm pretty bummed out that my favorite toile rainboots are on their last leg. i pulled them out last week and my once cute boots are now discolored and sad looking.

so obviously this means one thing--i've got to get those hunter wellies that i've been wanting forever.

one cool thing about living in portland is that you can actually wear wellies on a regular basis and not look bizarre in the least bit. well, once i was wearing them at work and the president of my company didn't quite get why i was actually wearing them inside, at work. oh well, we all know they are in fashion.

i think the hardest part of getting some new boots is deciding on the color. i love the classic black.

but the red is sooo cute too.

which color would you go for? oh how i hate these decisions!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

so bomo

happy sunday! it's a perfect portland sunday morning...i've got my cartalk in the background, little lulu on my lap and lorenzo working on the computer next to me. oh yeah, and it's absolutely pouring outside.

i was thinking this morning that for an interior designer, my blog seems to have been in fashion mode lately, and not home fashion mode. i think that's because i am avoiding all of the work i need to be doing on the house and it is so much more fun to look at pretty clothes.

but getting back to interiors, i wanted to recommend one of my favorit design books to you, bohemian modern. if you haven't come across this book yet, check it out. it's all about the funky designs of homes and businesses in silver lake, california.

since discovering this book, i've become fascinated with silver lake and absolutely must go there. unfortunately, one place my work never takes me is la, so i will have to make this work on my own. i'm starting to feel a girls weekend coming on.

any suggestions for my visit to silver lake? any great places to stay? i'd love to hear from any of you who have been.

and have a great fall sunday.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

and still more...

lou has been out on the town in paris. here she is at the h&m champs elysees opening as reported by rdujour.

here in portland, we are anxiously awaiting the opening of our own h&m!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

cat in the hat

the cutest girls from bollman hat company out of pennsylvania came into the store today after a meeting and let the girls and i pick out hats from their samples because they don't like to carry them back home on the plane.

i'm not generally a hat girl but i couldn't resist what i call the "sienna" hat because i've always loved this style. i don't know if i can carry it off with my stick straight stringy hair but maybe after some product, i'll give it a shot.

thank you so much to the bollman girls, that was really just so sweet of you to let us shop your samples.

look for the hats at opening ceremony coming soon.

more lou...

here's my girl lou making an appearance at paris fashion week as reported by rdujour.

isn't she fabulous? i just love her!