Tuesday, October 12, 2010

oh wellie!

i'm pretty bummed out that my favorite toile rainboots are on their last leg. i pulled them out last week and my once cute boots are now discolored and sad looking.

so obviously this means one thing--i've got to get those hunter wellies that i've been wanting forever.

one cool thing about living in portland is that you can actually wear wellies on a regular basis and not look bizarre in the least bit. well, once i was wearing them at work and the president of my company didn't quite get why i was actually wearing them inside, at work. oh well, we all know they are in fashion.

i think the hardest part of getting some new boots is deciding on the color. i love the classic black.

but the red is sooo cute too.

which color would you go for? oh how i hate these decisions!

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