Monday, August 30, 2010

design your life

at my desk, i have written a quote that i must have found somewhere on a design blog. it goes like this, "your life is your biggest design project. get off the couch and start designing your life exactly how you want it."

sometimes i sit here and ponder this quote. most of the time, i have a pretty clear idea as to how i want my life to be but from time to time, my mind wanders and i think what if it could be so completely different than it is now?

today i'm thinking about things like this.

lorenzo and i would somewhat resemble margot and richie tanenbaum and coordinate our outfits accordingly.

except that i would look more french like diane birch here. not to mention looking fab in a big floppy hat like this one, i just can't carry off a hat like this!

we'd live in a beautiful falling down old brownstone, a la holly golightly.

and drive a great big black vintage mercedes station wagon.

we'd have wonderful friends like harold and maude.

i'd spend my afternoons watching french films like the 400 blows with the crushy jean pierre leaud.

in the evenings i'd sit with coffee and cigarettes and ponder.

and late into the evening i'd write dark novels like the bell jar, making a terrific salary in which i could support this lifestyle.

what would your life be like if you could do whatever you want? let's start designing it that way.


  1. Great post shell! I love it. I am going to think about mine.

  2. ah! you remind me of these film!! Great!