Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the selby

have you guys heard about the amazing website called the selby? i had heard about it quite sometime ago and just filed it away but then this week, my coworker reminded me of it and i was like, that's right! it's such a cool site.

todd selby, a portrait, interiors and fashion photographer began posting his photoshoots on his own website and he has garnered a huge cult following. the photographs are generally of famous and not so famous creative types taken in their own environment whether it be their home or their studios, whichever best represents how they work and how they are inspired for their work.

hmmm... what would my living space say about me? a family who has a hard time getting rid of things, some pretty cool artwork i might say, and a few misbehaving animals thrown in to stir it all up a little. my own private grey gardens (only without the huge hampton house.)

there is also a book called the selby out right now that i really want to get. they are currently selling it at anthropologie. the book has photoshoots that he has not featured on his website, one being of my girl lou doillon's home so now you know i really must have it!

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