Friday, July 29, 2011

kitchen love

i love kitchens. i don't necessarily love to cook but i do love kitchens. one of my favorite things is when we are having a dinner party and everyone there is hanging out in the kitchen with each other.

so why don't most homes have better kitchens? it's a room that in most houses seems like an after thought. i mean, don't we generally spend more time in our kitchen than in our living room? i know we do.

and it's sad but true that our kitchen is not very exciting. our whole entire house needs remodeled and the kitchen is not the top priority right now. so instead, i shall spend my time on-line dreaming of a new kitchen.

and that's how i found this one.

this kitchen belongs to a musician in new zealand and was featured on the selby.

i just love everything about it. the layout, the colors, the decor, the red counter top and open shelves. oh please can i have this kitchen?

and what about that tapestry hanging on the ceiling. i have almost that exact fabric hanging in our entry window. red and gold is definitely my favorite color combination at home.

so now i know, i too shall have a kitchen like this someday.

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