Wednesday, May 4, 2011

summer staples

we have now had a few nice days here in portland so i feel i can officially start planning my summer wardrobe staples now. i'm not going too crazy this year but i am stepping out a little (a very little) on my usual dress, especially since i don't really like shorts. i guess since we have had such an extremely wet winter, shorts may very well be in order this summer. and that brings me to staple number one...

yes, i will definitely be needing some bronzer, at least at the beginning of the summer. and while the lancome flash bronzer is not long lasting (i sweated it all off in bikram yoga last night), it does have a really natural look and is great if you need it for a special occasion. i swear by this one and have been using it for years.

while i am obsessed with vintage christian dior sunglasses, i have had a hard time finding just the right style for me so now i am considering some new chloe glasses. they have a retro look but are updated for today. i would take either one of these two pair.

lately i've really been wanting a pair of overalls but since they tend to be a little frumpy, i've decided overall shorts are the way to go, definitely a little more fitted than baggy, too.

and i really have turned my signature weekend look into wearing striped shirts, i love them and can dress them up or down. i would like both of these by petit bateau please!

these cute little cleo denim shorts are perfect too. i definitely will be needing some of these.

and i love the hasbeens for h&m clogs. i don't know if there are any left but i will for sure find some cute red clogs like these for the summer.

my converse sneakers are getting a little worn out so they may need replaced as well. i just can't decide on black or white. what do you think?

what are you all planning on wearing this summer?

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