Wednesday, July 7, 2010

live forever

i don't think i've ever mentioned to you that if i could go back and do it all over again, i would study art history and travel the world, buying and selling fabulous artwork and amazing antiques. all the while, documenting my adventures a la indiana jones. however, i don't necessarily have an eye or penchant for fine art.

i do however, like what i see.

several months ago, i wanted to mention one of my favorite artists, elizabeth peyton. i tried to put together a post on her but it just wasn't coming together and i just wasn't finding the best images of hers to show. i just filed it away for a later post.

well, yesterday, i was doing my usual quick walk-through of anthropologie and found a book about her and her artwork called live forever. it was a really cool book. i didn't purchase it yet because, to be honest, it was pretty pricy and i'm trying to behave myself right now but i cannot wait to get it. her illustrations are just so rich and amazing. i really feel that she paints my colors, whatever that means.

i just love this one from the book called "elizabeth and liam"

and this is the first piece of hers that i ever saw and fell in love with. i just love poppies.

so while it may not be fine art, it just fine by me!

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  1. This made me think of you today